Thursday, July 10, 2008

5:51 am

... and the door bell rings, twice. Not once and wait a bit, no one must have heard, let's try again. But ring, ring, like an impatient person. Matthew springs out of bed, I mumble 5:51 in the morning. My thought is kill anyone who is ringing my door bell at 5:51 am, that seems like justifiable punishment. The dog's barking, Kacey's crying... ugh.

It was the gunite people, like I know what that means, telling us to move our cars out of the garage because they'd be blocking it for a while. So,they worked for 5 1/2 hours today, and this is what our pool looks like! (the stair-type things is our wetdeck, then it goes from 3 to 5 feet deep. Matthew tells me those poles won't be sticking out. They are the plumbing for the inground cleaning system -bottom ones - and water to be pumped in - side ones, - which will be cut down once they put in our tiling)


dadTB said...

When we ha our pool built, it took from May to September! There was so much ran that summer that the rebarb was constantly being covered over with mud and needed to be hand shoveled clear. Those contractors were not hapy one bit. After each dig out, they would contact th cement guys who failed to heed their advice and get over to cement the pool.

We actually stepped into the pool in late September. The heater was on and felt so good on that cool day.

Good luck with the remaining work. I know that you are going to just love the pool. I know that we do.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

thepainterfamily said...

sweet! nice progress...although 5:51 is a bit early. Once our neighbors got a pool...and we just LOVED when the workers would get an "early" start, ya know, with the bobcat on Saturday morning! Great fun, only WE weren't the ones getting the pool, so the excitement was...umm...not there! :)

The Foulgers said...

Wow, your pool is coming along really quickly. Hopefully it's done for you to use it for a good portion of the summer! Pool party at your place once it's done...right!:)

Amy said...

Could they come any earlier? Geesh. Finally reading blogs again :) So fun you guys are putting in a pool! How are you feeling?

Jill said...

5:51 a.m. is never a friendly wake up call! How fun to have a pool!