Saturday, June 14, 2008

San Diego Trip

Here are some pictures from our trip, like I said before... we had a FABULOUS time! There was so much to do, the weather was really nice -although I hear San Diego is like that all year- and I was able to re-read Twlight on the ride down and back (twice- hehe). So all in all, a good trip and fun memories.


Look closely, that's Matthew and Kacey's head poking out of the opening. This is my favorite picture!!!

Kacey holding a starfish. I've got like 20 pictures of this, she really liked it. Kylie got so used to it, she'd reach right in the pond and pull one out without any help! I didn't even want to touch one!

Kylie in one of the aquaruims... I can't remeber what it was exactly.

Come on, places to go.... things to see....

Matthew and Kylie touching the Rays. I wouldn't put my hand in there, regardless if they said they wouldn't hurt/sting/bite/whatever my hand, but Kylie's got no fear.

Kacey and I looking at the Sea Lions, Kacey was ready to jump in and play. (so nearly 7 months along, aren't I supposed to "glow" by now???!!!)

From our Lunch with Shamu, this isn't zoomed or cropped. We were really that close. It was amazing, the girls were mesmorized by it all.

The Shipwreck Rapids ride, Kylie and Matthew went on this about a dozen times. They had ponchos, so they didn't get soaked like everyone else.

The girls in the living room of our hotel room, Matthew has titled this picture, "Waiting for Mommy to get ready." But I call it, "Playing with our new beach toys." That's a better title.

Hmm, who are those kids? Could that be Bryan and Jaxon Hulet? Oh look, it's the Hulet Family... Hey guys, what a surprise to see you here! (wink, wink) :)

This is at Belmont Park. This picture cracked me up, little, little, little, big. Yet they all were having a great time. The kids were screaming, and Matthew was laughing his head off!

Kylie and Matthew vs. Jaxon and Casey on bumper cars.

This one is blurry, because they are moving. Kylie and Matthew vs. Bryan and Tate... bumper cars again.

Kylie and Kacey on the boat ride.... I'm glad I bought Kacey an unlimited wristband too, they went on this ride at least 15 times.

Kylie and Jaxon on the boat ride. I really enjoyed Belmont Park, fun rides for the kiddies (and big rides that Kylie and Matthew got a thrill out of)... Yummy pizza along the Boardwalk and of course we had to stop at the shops and buy stuff!!! I bought so much at one store, they gave me a free beach bag (that had a price tag on it, that they actually sell)... I guess I was their best customer of the day, now that's sad! :)

Okay, our beach experience, well "morning" specifically.... Kylie enjoyed herself! Kacey HATED it! Kacey goes, "I don't like the water, I don't like the sand, I don't like my bucket!" She was miserable. You can't see her face, but everytime I put her down (feet in the sand) she cried. She didn't want it on her feet, she didn't want it on her hands. I sat in a beach chair and held her the whole time. It was kinda nice, she's usually a wiggleworm, but not this time. She didn't want down at all!

Kylie got sand from her toes to her head and was happy playing and making castles.

This is my favorite... Matthew and Kylie (Kacey wouldn't go nearly that close to the "wadr")

And so ends our fabulous trip, but like all vacations we take.... it's so good to be home!


nM said...

Looks like a lot of fun. We went to Sea World last summer and had a blast. I also think it is funny how some kids just love the sand and others hate it!

The Foulgers said...

Ok so San Diego looks like so much fun. We have never taken the kids there. Maybe next trip we'll have to skip Disney and head south! :)

dadTB said...

What a fantastic vacation for the little ones... and the big ones, too. :-)

I like the picture of the three little ones on the ride along with Matt sitting there with the biggest, happiest smile on his face. I still see the little boy in him that I just loved when he was my only little nephew (Pre-kids for Aunt Julie and me) .

The girls looked so happy and excited about the aquarium. Shamu is a big deal in all kids' eyes! And to eat breakfast with him, too... Oh Boy!

It's good to see that there are little Boyds coming along that like boats, water, and sand (OK maybe that's just one of 'em who likes the sand).

When I was a young teen, Denny would take me down to the NJ beaches at on The Wildwood Crest for vacation. I'll never forget those times we had together exploring the beaches and walking the boardwalk at night.

In fact, Aunt Julie and I continue the tradition by vacationing there still today.

Hold on to these sweet memories. Time goes by so quickly. I often daydream of those days.

God Bless.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Mikki said...

looks like so much fun. Good for you guys to get away. We're hoping to go in a couple of years when the boys are a bit bigger. Can't wait!