Saturday, May 31, 2008

Only in Las Vegas....

... will you hear, let's go for a picnic, it's only 90 out. So that's what we did...

Kacey with her ham and cheese sandwich, obviously very happy!
Kylie ate nothing, she knew we had soccer balls for after our picnic, and she just politely waited for us to finish eating so she could get to the fun stuff.
Community Apple...
the only thing Kylie cared to "waste" her time eating, only a bite though.
Okay, let's play... Kylie was surprisingly coordinated for a 4 year old (and that she has half my genes). She could run and kick the ball better than I could.

Kacey~ bless her sweet little heart, she liked moving the cones. Here she is with an apple.

Here she is with her drink, or maybe Kylie's drink... she enjoyed the picnic I packed and had something in her hand that she was eating the entire time :)

All done, I couldn't resist this photo.

Kylie was SO tired after all the running around, and she did this and started looking for flowers in the grass.

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thepainterfamily said...

What a fun picnic! (nice cool weather too! hehe!) my favorite is the picture of the soccer ball with glasses! Cute!