Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nothing Yet

Every time I see someone or get an email, everyone asks :)

I still know nothing, but I love that everyone's anxious and excited like I am. It's all I could think about last night, I even had a dream that I got the results.

SO, impatient me called to get the status. They said the "kit is in the lab for testing." And if the sample is ready today, I will know between 4:30-6:00 pm. If not, tomorrow for sure... possibly between the same times. I guess that's when all the updates come through. Anytime after tomorrow, they start crediting me $$$ back for inconvenience of the delay. But the gal I talked to, said she can guarantee I'll know by tomorrow. (hopefully, I won't have to stick out the whole day tomorrow and find out at 6 pm... but I do believe Heavenly Father has a sense of humor and might just make it happen that way)

As soon as I know, I will post... PROMISE! And I love all of you who are dutifully checking every day, even a few times a day, to see if there's any news!!!

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