Friday, October 19, 2007

Fire Station Field Trip

Kylie's Preschool went to the Fire Station today. The kids were absolutely fascinated!

Kylie in the ambulence. As soon as she walked in, she goes... "this is cool!" I didn't even know she knew that saying.

Kylie getting off the ambulence.
Kylie in the fire truck.
Group Picture!

The ride home... hehe

That evening... We decided to get Kylie's hair cut. I love it!

She says that it's like Mommy's hair, because mine is about that length. She's a cutie.

My hot hubby grilling hot dogs and hamburgers...


Missy said...

It was "cool". Funny the stuff they learn isn't it? I love the haircut!

Amy said...

I LOVE the haircut! It looks so cute and so sassy! Oh, that must be so fun to have a girl to play dress up with. Although, I let Jack's hair kind of grow out and it's long enough to make a ponytail on top! hee hee

famBEE said...

cute haircut!!! YW is going to be awesome!

Kata said...

I love the bobb!! SO cute! And nice grill! Collin would be envious!!

Anna and Al Rasmussen said...

Nicole! There is already a Cafe Rio here! I think there is one out in Henderson, but the one I always go to is right out in the Summerlin area, Sahara and Ft Apache. You should go...tasty tasty!

Nicole Manuele said...

Kylie's hair looks so cute! Speaking of hair your mom is so sweet I like her a lot. I hope she likes her hair!