Sunday, February 18, 2007

More Disney pictures...

The most memorable event throughout our whole vacataion was when we went to see the Aladdin show. We had the best seats, right up front... and the show starts out like the movie, with the Big Tiger's mouth. Well, if you've ever been around our house when the movie is on, you'd know that Kylie loves the tiger. She always yells, "here comes the tiger, here comes the tiger!" So, in the middle of the theater with the hundreds of people completely silent, my child yells out (just like she does at home), "here comes the Tiger!" Everyone chuckled, it was hilarious! We will never forget that! :)
This was us at Goofy's Kitchen for Brunch. We were so tired. This was the morning Matthew had Kylie up at the crack of dawn! The characters walk all around while you were eating, needless to say Kylie was slightly cranky, so she was a tad bit moody when some of the characters she didn't know came around... like the Mad Hatter... not good :)

This is the Little Mermaid version of the Merry-Go-Round. Kylie loved it!

How pretty is Kacey?!? She's even more adorable in person, her little personality is starting to shine through.

We're waiting for the parade to start... Kylie loves popcorn, and she'll share but only giving you one at a time.

Family photo!

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