Monday, December 18, 2006

What's going on with US!


So we were planning a trip up to Utah for a long weekend last week. So on Wed night, I said to Matthew that for some reason I felt really strongly that we shouldn't go, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why... 5 hours later, he gets massively sick. He's better by Friday, just very weak. He still felt like we could go, but I cancelled everything... thankfully so, can you imagine being out of town with a sick child?!

Kylie is doing much better now. As many of you know, we were in the ER for 10 hours on Sunday. We went to the closest hospital to our house and there was a 2.5 hour wait!!! Can you believe that?!! However, we know an ER DR from church, who we called, and he directed us to another hospital. This was actually where Kacey was born; the waiting room was packed, however, they were expecting us and we walked right in. Hey, it pays to have connections! Kacey stayed with my mom throughout this whole fiasco, and thankfully, she took a bottle! (that's an ongoing battle, stubborn little thing!)

But the hospital experience was so traumatizing for Kylie. I think she still has nightmares about it, because she wakes up crying in the middle of the night and we have to go in and calm her down. The vomiting has stopped (for her and Matthew) and her spirits are up. It was just really rough on her. The day after it all, I couldn't give her too many liquids at a time because she'd throw it up. And, she was so thirsty. Everytime I'd give her a little sip, she'd grip tightly on the cup and her little hands would shake. She even would grab onto the refridgerator door and cry, "milk, milk." Poor baby, it broke my heart.

But, she's doing MUCH better. We took her to the Disney store, and let her pick out anything she wanted. Cute little thing only wanted the lollipops, but we bought her a few other things too.

Kacey and I seem to be immune. I've got a little bit of a hoarse throat, but we're just happy that the bug has left our home. I can't get sick. If I get sick, the whole house will fall apart. And my mom said that she doesn't do throwing up, so we're on our own! :)

Anyway, that's the highlight with us. Getting a Jeep Wagoneer Tandem Stroller today!!! We're excited!!!

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